Pregnancy massage Hilversum

You are pregnant, congratulations! This is a very special period of your life. A lot is changing in your body, which can be unpleasant sometimes. You can suffer from pain in your lower back, have a stiff neck and shoulders, often feel tired and experience sleep problems. Many women also suffer from uneasy legs or troubled skin. What could be better during this period than giving yourself and your child a little extra attention? Just because it is possible. In the headings below you will find two treatments that are specially composed for pregnant women.

Something extra

During this relaxing massage of 75 minutes you lie on hot water pillows for extra support. Before the actual treatment, we determine what the focus areas are. Based on this I adjust the treatment to your liking. You grant yourself and your child a moment of rest and relaxation. €​95, –

Complete relaxation treatment

Give yourself an extensive moment of relaxation and let your skin and body be pampered. We start with a cup of tea and a delightful foot bath with magnesium for uneasy legs. This is followed by a steam bath, special deep cleansing for troubled skin and a mask that exactly suits your skin. Then I give you a relaxing massage, where you lie on hot water pillows for extra support. At the end of this 2 hour session, I pamper your feet with a revitalizing foot cream. €​ 120,​ –