Is your skin dull?

Do you not feel entirely yourself?

Does what you see in the mirror not reflect how you feel on the inside?

I am Merel Hoogkamp. I offer face and body treatments to women and men. Allowing you to escape from the daily stresses and strains of modern life. In the safety of my salon, I will personally make sure that your skin is very well cared for and you will be able to completely relaxed

Are you also looking for a natural way to look after your skin?

If you look well cared for, you feel more secure in the world. Looking cared for isn’t about wearing layers of make-up, but having well cared for clean, soft skin.

My Methods

Each treatment starts with a moment to ‘land’. I analyse what your skin needs and cleanse and care for it. I then begin with the treatment of your choice and at the end I offer you personalised advice. That way you stay radiant until long after your treatment. We finish with a cup of tea, so that you are ready for the rest of your day.

You’ll have cared for skin

You’ll feel relaxed

You’ll feel good about yourself


Below you will find all the available treatments. You can plan the treatment yourself in the appointment section choose a time that suits you.

Extra: Intensive package

I use natural skin care products in all my treatments. If you want more intensive care for your skin, you can supplement each treatment with a nourishing serum of your choice. EUR 15,00

basisbehandelingBasic Facial (30 minutes) EUR 55.00

* Cleansing
* Steam bath
* Deep cleansing
* Face Mask
* Daily care

The Basic Facial can be extended to include any of the additional treatments listed below.

ontspanningRelaxation Facial (60 minutes) EUR 85.00

The Basic Facial treatment with these extras:

* Sage Foot bath
* Relaxation massage
* Rosemary Foot cream

balansBalance Facial (75 minutes) EUR 97.50

In addition to this Relaxation Treatment are these extras:

* Purifying Face Mask
* Face Pack
* Foot Massage

compleetFacial Treatment Complete (105 minutes) EUR 120.00

Taking the Balance Treatment a step further to include:

* Scalp massage
* Hand and arm massage
* Lymph stimulation

Part treatments

Below you will find all partial treatments that are available. You can plan the treatment yourself in the appointment section at a time that suits you.

harsenUpper lip or chin EUR 15.00

Cheeks or jawline EUR 17.50

Complete face EUR 22.50

waxenUpper or lower leg EUR 30.00
Whole leg EUR 55.00
Bikini line EUR 25.00
Armpit EUR 20.00
Forearm EUR 25.00
Part back EUR 30.00
Whole back EUR 40.00

wenkbrauwen epilerenEyelashes or Eyebrows dyeing EUR 17.50

Eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing EUR 30.00

Eyebrows remodelling EUR 17.50

Remove whiteheads (milia) per 10 minutes EUR 12.50