Are your shoulders so tight you can hardly move?

Do you feel trapped in your body?

Do you suffer from regular headaches?

Are you not quite feeling yourself?

I am Merel Hoogkamp from Flo Massage and Verzorging. I help both men and women who are suffering from various physical problems whether they come from stress, an injury or just not feeling at their best.

Using sport and relaxation massage I am able to help you with the physical problems. I help you to find your own motivation to get moving again. You’ll feel relaxed. You’ll feel energised.

I believe in the body’s own strength. I strongly believe that by moving your body you can also bring your soul in motion. With every massage I look for the physical imbalance that I can see and feel within your body. Nothing standard or routine. After the treatment I advise you regarding movement, sports and diet. First loosening you up through massage and then, keeping you loose through movement.

You’ll feel relaxed

You’ll feel fit

You’ll feel energetic

You’ll be back on full form

You can fill in the appointment time you want and we can work out together what you need at that particular moment.

All the massages listed below can be combined with a head, skin and/or foot massage.

ontspanningsmassageThe Relaxation massage is about.. relaxation of course 😉 You can plan this in at the time you wish. We then decide together what is needed and I can focus on particular issues. I advise you to book at least 50 minutes for this massage

25 minutes EUR 40.00
50 minutes EUR 67.50
75 minutes EUR 90.00

triggerpointTriggerpoint is a treatment for pain which is cased by injury, muscle strain or stress. Triggerpoint therapy can reduce the pain and the muscle gets the chance to recover.

For the best result you need three to five treatments.

50 minutes EUR 85.00

This is the best massage to book if you have a (sports) injury. You can plan it at the time that suits you best. We will then see how quickly we can loosen you up and bring back good movement.

25 minutes EUR 45.00
50 minutes EUR 72.50
75 minutes EUR 95.00

This massage is for you if your muscles and their connective tissue need more attention. Through a deeper massage I can activate the connective tissue and the muscles and create a greater ability for you body to heal itself.

25 minutes EUR 45.00
50 minutes EUR 72.50
75 minutes EUR 95.00

Treat yourself and your child on a complete relaxation treatment. First we have a cup of tea and a magnesium footbath for your restless legs. After that you will have a steam bath and a special deep cleansing and facial mask for your skin. You’ll be lying on warm water cushions to give you extra support during the treatment. I finish the treatment with a revitalising footcream.

120 minutes EUR 120.00

You’ll be lying on warm water cushions to give you extra support during this massage. We will start by looking at where it hurts and I will tailor the treatment according to your wishes. You give yourself and your child a moment of peace and relaxation in this exciting period of your life.

EUR 95.00

barsThe De-Stress treatment is ideal for you if your exposed to too much stress and feel completely stuck. In an hour and a half you will find complete peace.

*magnesium remineraliser
*BARS treatment
*Back, neck and shoulders massage

90 minutes EUR 120.00

This treatment is really good for sportspeople who want to give extra attention to repairing or building up their muscles. This treatment is perfect in combination with a sports massage.

*foot bath
*magnesium remineraliser

60 minutes EUR 97.50